Water acts

Immerse yourself in our world and we will take your breath away!

Water Ballet is a group of ex athletes , who organize exhibitions of Synchronized Swimming for inaugurations, weddings, parties, events and on any other occasion. The synchronized swimming is an Olympic sport that combines dance, swimming, music and entertainment and the union of these elements creates Water Ballet. The theme of the performances made by Water Ballet can be chosen by the customer according to his needs and requirements, as well as creation of the choreography, choice of the music, study of the costumes and makeup designed specifically for every occasion.

If the event does not have a particular theme, the customer can let Water Ballet choose all the details and thanks to imagination and experience, they will always offer you innovative and original shows.

Our performances are usually divided into two parts:

  • The first part of the show is presented out of the water. It’s a brief choreography, always accompanied by background music, which attracts attention of the audience, presents the theme and allows the athletes to get closer to the water;
  •  The second part (much more substantial than the precedent) always happens in water and this part of the exhibition is more scenic and creates the special moment of the performance.

The average length of the choreography is approximately 4/6 minutes, but during the performance various shows can be combined. If the event involves a longer duration with a  changing audience (for example opening parties, press-conferences, presentations) we can repeat the same choreography deciding before the time frames. To make the choreography more innovative and captivating we create some tools and props, designed specifically for every new occasion to be used during the show in and out of the water.

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

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