Sveva is a multitalented and versatile artist, who performs national and international events around the globe. In German TV she became known for participating in the show “Germany’s got talent”. Furthermore she performed in several major events including the opening ceremonies for the Parachute World Championship and the Horse-riding World Cup in Dubai, the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup in Austria as well as the 125th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz. Mainly Sveva is booked for presenting global products and performing for corporate events, international fairs and variety shows including Porsche, BMW, KIA, Sony, Gazprom, IAA, IFA, Mitsubishi Electric, Aquaria Scalaria, Europapark and many others. She performs on aerial silk, aerial net, flying chandelier, pole dance,waterbowl, wall running, bungee trapeze and various other unique acts.
Her flexibility and elegance contribute to Sveva being a very versatile artist who most enjoys facing new challenges as well as creating and choreographing new show acts.

Flying Chandelier: is an extraordinary show act on an huge chandelier. In a flowing dress the artist flies on the opulent chandelier high in the air and performs daring acrobatic figures combined with sensual ease and elegance.

Pole Art: Elegant, dancing movements and acrobatic shapes mark out this showact. The artist spins powerful and dynamic around the freestanding Pole and fascinates with an individual and modern performance.

Aerial Silk: is an elegant and sensual aerial performance on a long tissue. The acrobat falls spectaculary headlong from the height into the depth and fascinates with daring acrobatic figures far above the heads of the audience.

Waterbowl: In a glass hemisphere filled with water the artist presents a sensual and elegant showact with a combination of contortion, ballet and water acrobatics

Aerial Net: Directly above the heads of the audience, the artist performs a stunning show in a flying net. In and outside the net the acrobat presents elegant acrobatic elements combined with rapid flights and spectacular figures.

Aerial Hoop: In a rotating hoop the artist performs daring figures and elegant floating dance elements.

Interested by this act?

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Interested by this act?

ask for availability

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