Star show

Fire Performance
One of the most classic attractions of the  world of circus. A show with engaging rhythms, where  the games of the light are made with great skills and techniques, creating striking images using the manipulation of flaming tools around the bodies drawing lines and curves.

The show with the fire may represent  the most haunting part with a real dance of fire through the perform evolutions, rotations and juggling of light tools. This type of the show is mainly performed in open-air places, in a night time or if they is a  possibility to create the darkness to make the show more noticeable and impressive.

It’s also possible to incorporate this type of the performance with  a pyrotechnic effect t with indoor fireworks to get even more evocative scene of a great impact.

Waterbowl Act
Charming and fascinating acrobat mermaid. She will enchant you with her sensuality and her artistic and acrobatic movements, immersed in a basin. This spectacular performance also requires a particular and intense athletic preparation.

This show happens melting different techniques such as synchro, contortionism, uprightness, acrobatics and dance. You will see during the performance spectacular diving and acrobatic movements, single or in couple,  inside a 1,80 meter diameter basin.

The acrobatic basin, also called water bowl, has two plexiglass planks at his edges. On this planks you can admire uprightness positions and gymnastics movements that allow wonderful leaps and dives with water splashing for over one meter distance!

Simply an unique show, thrilling, with the “WOW” factor! 

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

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