Multitalent Ada


A unique show, spectacular and always very appreciated, where the water is a vital element. the artist transmits the sensation she is an authentic mermaid. In the bowl with more than 1000 liters of water, the artist melts with the grace of a ballerina. With strong acrobatic elements from handstands to dives, the audience is captivated in the magical atmosphere provided by the pure element of water.

Dynamic falls into water, breathtaking acrobatic poses and graceful movement under water. This and much more can a viewer see through transparent walls of waterbowl. The Waterbowl Show is an acrobatic dancing performance representing the water element combined with female beauty.

Let’s Pool&Pole

What could be more intriguing that poledance mixed up with the water? A unique, exclusive and never done before performance from an original idea.  You will be enjoyed, involved and amazed!  Pool & Pole – an unusual combination, a stunningly beautiful performance. Joy and adrenaline, emotion they convey our artist make their guests were mindful of your event forever!

Aerial Silk

It’s just a piece of tissue hanging from the ceiling until the acrobat starts to climb. Since that moment a dance in the air, throughout flowing movements, gives life to the silk, captivating the audience, reaching the climax when the acrobat swoops towards the floor, just a few centimeters from the audience. A breathtaking show, mixed of tension and feminine elegance. This act has been performed all over the world at high profile corporate events, private events, weddings and product launches.

Aerial Ring

A dazzling and involving performance with the aerial ring that spins, swings and turns fast whilst the acrobat contorts herself in a sequence of original movements. They have been performed at a big variety of events, ranging from corporate, weddings, parties, private birthdays, festivals and circus tours, all around Europe.

The Spiral

An endless illusion of spinning suspended in the air : an extremely visual act, classy and elegant. The acrobat seems to climb and letting her go down in a never ending momentum, like a ballerina, light and effortless. All acts can come with costumes/themes of your choice.

Create a gorgeous floating illusion at your event! This act is great for corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and party!


A hymn to love, an act of class where elegance is the key element. The choreography is studied to merge the great qualities of physical performance artist with the softness and lightness of movement. A performance of strong visual impact. The structure allows to work fully clothed.

Is a beautiful and unique act that will amaze audiences of all ages, from young children to elder ages. It works for all occasions. She is available to hire for corporate events, private parties, balls or weddings and will leave the guests at your event amazed with her mix of strength, grace and wow factor.

The Sphere

The sphere represents the personal world of the “acrobat-ballerina” who moves inside throughout a variety of positions from dance, to handstands and pirouettes. The audience is captured from the magical atmosphere of this performance where the supple movements emphasize the charming appearance of the performer. When the ball floats on the water the fascination reaches a higher level, the acrobat can even walk on the water, weightless can almost be felt.

The Eliosphere

Innovative aerial shows: the heliosphere! Like an angel the artist flies directly over the heads of the guests and glides through the entire location. Weightlessnes and grace are the features of this exclusive animation. Bringing the wow factor to your event!

The Heliosphere Show is truly mesmerising for those that get the chance to see it. If you are looking for something completely wow and memorable for your guests then this is the perfect show. All shows can also be customised and built around a specific theme.

A toast in the air

A perfect sky – bar service to make your toast unique and special. She is requested for the privet event, wedding, special wedding proposal, party…

Offering professional high-level aerialists, cirque/circus performers, dancers, choreographers. We cater to your needs and make each of your events a mesmerizing experience.

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

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