This artist has a desire to live volcanic, running fast on the drawing pad through the marker, and he loves to make people smile with his incredible artistic talent.

His passion for caricatures was born for fun since Federico was very young. He started to draw at birthday parties of friends, at village festivals, in clubs, exhibitions and later on at weddings, baptisms, small corporate events and large celebrations.

What makes Federico unique is how fast he can realize an impromptu caricature, just one minute per design.

Federico worked as a graphic designer, web-designer and illustrator for many communication agencies. Among his customers you can find: Vodafone, Marchesi  Frescobaldi, Rolex, Dell, AMD, General Computers, Glaxo, Boehringer Ingelheim, Phyto and Lierac, Benetton group, Killer Loop, Esaote, FARO, Electrolux, Lufthansa, IBSA, Gruppo Coin, Unieuro, Mac Donalds, Claas, Derwid, THE TAM Airlines, Charmant Europe, Prader Bank, Italian Baja, Tempocasa.

Here is a short list of his main services:

  • Traditional Caricature on paper (bonbonniere) up to 150-200 people – depending on the time available
  • Digital caricature
  • Ability to create gadgets with digital caricatures
  • Abstract caricatures  (minimal) linked more to the design
  • Virtual experience (journey into the world of the virtual reality)
  • Entertainment for guests (with professional materials and not CARDBOARD GOOGLE) – drawing in space, and fun and constructive games.
  • Giga Caricature – giant caricatures on sheets 100 x 70

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

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