Extreme Group

With its spectacular stage shows, this group stands for exceptional performances. We create unforgettable events and connect people, brands and businesses with enthusiasm. We will make your event and your product a breathtaking experience. The international team of artists, choreographers, musicians, engineers and technicians has been traveling around the globe for 3 decades. With dedication and profession we toured the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Portugal and from Switzerland to Turkmenistan. For new challenges for us no place is too unusual and no idea too crazy or unable to perform. They not only produce shows, they live them.


Aeroart is a fusion of acrobatics, supreme athletic performance, music, and dramatic light effects. This stunning show is characterized by free fall and extreme acceleration combined with physical virtuosity of the performers. Swinging trapezes and elastic harnesses are fundamental for spectacular flights through the air.


The acrobats perform as if they were geckos, and it seems as if the vertical stage was their normal working area. By creating an illusion of ease, combined with excellent body control, the performers send the audience into ecstatic amazement. The synchronization of superior physical performance with a visually stunning video mapping in the vertical plane takes the entire audience on an emotional roller coaster – goose bumps guaranteed!


In this show, space becomes a stage, and even the audience will feel as if gravity was suspended for a short period. Modern dance choreography alternates with jumps, pirouettes and somersaults at variable heights. It is the precision of the symbiosis of floor and air performance that leaves the audience impressed and takes it on an extraordinary journey.

Vertical Drums

The power drums start from the pole position. This stunning performance of superlatives is the highlight at every event and will send your audience to a world of feelings they have never experienced before. Playing live drum sounds, moving synchronously, and flying in dynamic, merging formations, the performers set off veritable waves of enthusiasm in the audience.

Interested by this act?

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Interested by this act?

ask for availability

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