Dream Group

Our troupe works since two years in the show business and is specialized in weddings and events. In our artistic research we combine the language of classic theatre and dance (where we come from)  together with the street theatre techniques and circus arts.  Our performances have a strong visual and emotional impact; we take care of every  detail making our acts ideal for great events, as well as refined and elegant atmospheres.

Luminescent Ladies

Celestial bright ladies will appear to lighten up the night, the evening, like a dream come true… ethereal, enchanted. One lady winged on stilts, the other one standing dropping luminescent spheres evoking dreaming atmospheres of enchanted nature, populated by magic fireflies that will lay on clothes as if by magic.

Fire and Flamenco

Out of a dream of the Queen of Hearts, one of the cards comes alive and starts a powerful dance of fire and flamenco; it is a rebellious card who challenges her Queen in an act full of colors and power like a flame. The audience will be taken to a magic place where these two characters will compete in A game of cards played with strokes of Flamenco and sparks of fire. 

Performance Style 700

A lady- in-waiting on stilts welcomes the guests while a standing gentleman presents them with old poetry 

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

Interested by this act?

ask for availability

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