Andrea discovered his passion for magic when he was a kid, and since then he has been trying to combine surprise, curiosity and entertainment. Magic for him is the opportunity to enter into a parallel world where reality and fantasy are blending.

The center of his interest is the psychology of adults and children, which allows him to create the right relationship with his audience. 

During last years he worked with some of the leading international agencies and participated in some important public gala and events in the private sector.

Among his most important appereances there are shows performed in Las Vegas, in the great Magic Castle in Hollywood and he was invited as special guest in San Diego at an evening organized by IBM where he got lot of success.

Andrea knows very well also the principles of illusionism and uses them to build stories, acts and suitable formats for any kind of big event, gala, conventions, theater and television shows. As a matter of fact in 2016 he became the consultant for a major live magical broadcast on TV.

The main feature of Andrea’s art, as well as his technique and originality, is a particular and rare elegance with which he presents his art to the public. 

Interested by this act?

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Interested by this act?

ask for availability

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